Armour is the only clothing on Webosaurs and ranges from leather to gold. They can be baught in Ole Smithy's Armory. Some are member and some are not.

Types of armor Edit

Leather Edit

Leather is a non member type of armour. You can get it for free when you talk to Ole Smithy. Many new dinos wear this.

Wooden Edit

Wooden armour costs 150 coins. dinos that are a couple days old wear these armours. This isn't seen very often

Bone Edit

Bone armour has recently been made non member. However, it costs to wear this (400 coins). Slightly older, non member dinos wear this.

Steel Edit

Steel is a member armour and costs 314 coins. It is rather like a suit of armour. This isn't seen very often too

Molten Edit

Molten Lava is a member armour and is very popular between most member dinos.

Gold Edit

Gold is a recently released armour. It is worn by most Modosaurs and by all famous dinos. It is probably the most popular between member dinos

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