Cooking with Horns was the second WeboFest secret party. The party was described on the blog:

It was another great night of WeboFest tonight when HORNS showed up at the Camposaurus Tent for the secret party. Turns out that Horns had an empty stomach and wanted to spend the evening cooking! Cooking with Horns was a total blast and everyone busted out their chef hats to prepare some tasty treats.

Everything was going fine until Horns got impatient, opened a can of beans and gobbled it only to rip a loud, smelly toot moments later. It was all good though when everyone whipped up a tasty pie to pass around and share.

After the fun in the kitchen everyone bolted to the Tonto Plateau where the rest of the evening was spent playing Demo Derby, Dance Party or barfing on the big tub of candy.

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