Horns sunbathing1
Horns vineswinging
Horns tutu

Horns is a Triceratops. He is one of the main dinosaurs on Webosaurs. He thinks he's the greatest. He says he's the best at all the games (apart from quizzes). He likes to lift things,hit things and drink swamp juice. He's called Horns because he's got three of them. He's called them Slice, Dice and Bill (because he couldn't think of anything else that rhymed). His will often boss around his friends (Stretch, Rexxy and Pterry), especially Stretch. He's got his own fanclub called ‘HORNS’ HERD!’. He hates losing to his friends.

Fears Edit

Although Horns isn't usualy scared by anything, he does have a few fears:

  • Spiders
  • Ghosts
  • "Anything that isn't awesome!"

Trivia Edit

  • He has given all of his freinds nicknames: Rexxy = Rexxycakes, Stretch = Veggieboy and Pterry = Pterrance.
  • He was once caught wearing a tutu, in an attemp to beat Rexxy in a Dance Party, by Stretch.
  • He thinks he is the best.
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