Modosaurs are the moderators of Webosaurs. They walk around servers enforcing rules and chatting with other dinos. They have a gold nameplate, which only they can get. Their names usually consist of Modosaur____.

Known Modosaurs Edit

  • Rex
  • Flyboy
  • Tammy
  • SusieQ
  • ModosaurDevo
  • ModosaurCeno
  • ModosaurMoon
  • ModosaurPaleo
  • ModosaurBones
  • ModosaurSilu
  • ModosaurCarbo
  • ModosaurKaro
  • ModosaurMeso
  • ModosaurMio
  • ModosaurNeo
  • ModosaurOrdo
  • ModosaurRex (now know as Rex because he got a promotion)  
  • ModosaurSun
  • ModosaurJura
  • Rexxy
  • Horns
  • Pterry
  • Stretch

Trivia Edit

  • All Modosaurs are also Protectosaurs
  • All famous Dinos are Modosaurs
  • Rex's real name could be Chase Straight as an email someone had got and it said "Chase Straight Head of Community" and "I have met you child in-world before" which could be Rex.
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