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Can anyone stop him???

Spike is an evil Ankylosaurus and is always trying to take over Webosaurs Island. Luckily, we have Protectosaurs to defend the island from him. And now...he's took over the island and is going to destroy the Gushing Geyser. here is the message he gave to us at webosaurs.

The Evil, Evil Message from SpikeEdit

That’s right WEBOSAURS, I’ve broken into the blog and am currently ALONE on the Island. In just a few short hours your precious Webosaurs Island will be changed FOREVER. As you’ll soon see, my loyal creature Okvango is about to escape and his first order of business is going to be to destroy your silly Gushing Geyser, that geyser will never flow again as long as I am in charge!

  • Yawn* This take-over thing has been so much easier than I thought! You little Webosaurs aren’t even going to try to protect your Island? Go ahead I dare you - try to challenge us, even all of you together are no match for Okvango and me!

As for you –Stretch, Pterry, Horns and Rexxy –I’ll be waiting in the newly remodeled Gushing Geyser at 17:00 WST this Friday for you to come and surrender. See you then!


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